Unified Communications and Collaboration

With Cisco Unified Communications solution provided by IT4LA you will increase your business agility, align your communications systems with your business goals, build an infrastructure for growth, and empower your sales and support workforce. Learn more about Cisco Unified Communications Solutions from IT4LA.Unified Communications and collaboration

Unified Communications overview

As companies change the way they do business and become more “virtual,” they also must change the way they communicate and collaborate. This means making the most of new technologies and network services. IT4LA meets the need to change by delivering advanced unified communications services to organizations of every type. For us, the goal is to enhance your productivity. We do this by integrating and simplifying communications between multiple devices – regardless of the type of media used or whether communications take place in mobile or fixed locations.

On one hand, our task brings together real-time services such as telephony (PBX and Centrex systems), voice over IP (VoIP telephony), video conferencing, call control (switching and inbound call handling), instant messaging (chat), speech recognition, interactive voice response, and presence management (obtaining information about a user’s status and readiness to communicate). On the other hand, it includes non-real-time unified messaging services that integrate voicemail, e-mail, short message service (SMS), fax, and other information services and unified communications solutions. Taken together, our approach provides unified communication solutions that encompass not only your business phone system and IP telephony, but also your computer support services, CRM system, IT solutions, and managed network services.

IT4LA enables you to conduct all of the services that were once associated with traditional phone systems and conduct them on data networks – and vice versa. We do this by using network routers, switches, software, and other standards-based networking gear. This makes it easier for you to take advantage of features such as least-cost routing, digital telephone directories, and find-me/follow-me functions at any time and from any place. As a result, your business will be able to adapt more easily to today’s new work flow and deploy new technologies that will keep you ahead of your competitors. As a result, your remote and mobile human interactions will be as effective as in-person human contact – enhancing both customer satisfaction and bottom-line efficiency. Who says you can’t have it all? IT4LA knows you can, and we can make it happen with unified business communications.

Among unified communications providers, IT4LA is your direct source for anywhere-anytime collaboration. We bring together every element of the interlocking communication puzzle – from the VoIP gateway that delivers PC-to-phone and PC-to-PC calling to managed services, computer consulting, computer technical support, and a disaster recovery plan to quickly revive your unified communications products in the face of unexpected events. Other consulting companies may understand some aspects of the challenge, but only IT4LA lives and breathes both the concept and solutions that make unified communications collaboration a catalyst for business efficiency and profitability.

Cisco Solutions

IT4LA is a Certified Cisco Partner. Click Here to see our wide range of Cisco Partners solutions. In addition to reducing operating expenses, the enable green business, IT, and networking practices. Best of all, they are customized to fit your needs!

  • Cisco phones
  • Cisco VoIP (Cisco IP phone)

Polycom Solutions

Along with our other vendor solutions, IT4LA integrates those from Polycom. They include telepresence and video conferencing, security, desktop, and wireless applications, accessories, and tools.

Microsoft Solutions

IT4LA technicians use standards-based Microsoft unified communications solutions for organizations of every type. These are the perfect complement to Cisco IP telephony.

HP Unified Communications Solutions

Our security and network consultants provide security assessments and vulnerability testing coupled with recommendations and remediation. We analyze all aspects of your network environment to safeguard your resources and network functionality.

Sony Accessories Solutions

IT4LA incorporates Sony telephony, cabling, computer, and accessory products where the fit best into your communication solution.

Juniper Networks

Across vital industry groups and geographic locations, IT4LA incorporates the many solutions, products, and services of Juniper Networks. The goal is to provide you with the solution that best supports your business and how you operate it.

Internet / Web Security

Our security and network consultants provide security assessments and vulnerability testing coupled with recommendations and remediation. We analyze all aspects of your network environment to safeguard your resources and network functionality.