Small Business IT Support

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Small Business IT Support

Looking for Small Business IT Support? YES, This is the right place. We’re offering comprehensive and affordable technical support for small businesses that require flexible pricing options, exceptional value and expert IT support.

Small businesses love working with us because we deliver exceptional value and offer flexible managed services options that give them a complete solution for their technology needs. Our unique pricing model and affordable small business tech support plans, keep you in control by giving you the confidence any technology issues can be resolved with a simple phone call and without a big bill.


Small Business IT Support Pricing: Complete ITSM with Flexible Pricing

We offer the best “small business IT support Pricing” including complete IT Services Management (ITSM) with IT support plans that cover all the devices used by each employee of your business, combined with a block of monthly IT consulting time. If you need IT solutions for a cell phone, laptop, desktop or tablet, it’s covered.

Our IT services include all devices for each user and you will never be billed on a per device basis. Most small business tech support firms charge per device or on an hourly basis, which becomes very expensive for a small business budget.

Managed Small Business IT Support Services Providing Complete Solutions

  • Monthly tech support time block hours roll over to the next month if unused
  • All devices of each user are covered (smart phones, laptops, tablets, desktops, netbooks)
  • Flexible plans allow the business owner to choose when and how time is allocated
  • Innovative pricing structure delivers the highest level of IT support at the lowest possible price point
  • No long and complicated contracts
  • Professional, friendly and expert level IT consulting services
  • IT services that maximize efficiency and control costs

Cost Effective & Efficient Small Business IT Support

  • Managed IT Services
  • Technical Support for your computer, phone or network
  • Networking
  • Collaboration
  • Security
  • Video Conferencing
  • Data Center Solutions
  • Development
  • Communications and VOIP
  • Remote Support/Remote Assistance


Small Business Computer Hardware Support

Small Business Computer Hardware Support by experienced and professional team. Maximizing efficiency, access and security is vital in allowing you and your employees to service clients properly. This means all devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones need to operate at optimum levels. We help you seamlessly maintain and update all of your hardware in order to avoid information technology problems.


Small Business Software Support

We provide small business software support services to ensure all the software and applications needed to run your daily business is safe, updated and properly maintained. We help you increase office efficiency by avoiding technical problems to begin with, but if you do have an issue, we can step-in to handle it for you.


Disaster Recovery

Data backup and recovery are vital to ensure important client information, business records and sensitive data are not lost. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your current backup and security situation.


Cloud Services

Utilizing cloud services allows all of your team members to save, access and transfer data and documents from any location on multiple devices. This increases office efficiency, allows greater productivity and a higher level of client service.