SEO Services

SEM (Search Engine Marketing)


You Say PPC, We Say SEM

Before IT4LA, before Google ruled the search-engine galaxy, back when your modem screeched at you, our team was already doing IT SEM. Meaning, we’re good at this. We handle all phases of every successful IT internet marketing campaign. We write the ad copy. We A/B test. We target and optimize. We are certified. We also keep your ROI on track.

AdWords & Little Bing for Bling

Search is at the absolute core of everything we do, and how we help you achieve your marketing goals. IT4LA is rich with a team of absolute experts at building, optimizing and integrating search campaigns into the IT online marketing mix. We create, execute, test and analyze the best online SEM ad campaigns. We don’t rest until we deliver conversions above and beyond what’s expected.

Certified So You’re Satisfied

When it comes to SEM, you are in good hands with IT4LA. We are AdWords Certified, and work closely with you to deliver best-in-class IT online marketing campaigns for our clients.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO Is Consistently Changing

SEO for IT companies is an ever-moving target. Fortunately for you, we know how to take steady aim and hit it. Full site updates, platform migrations, information architecture, content strategy, technical audits, reputation management, algorithm update alignment, and more—we are experts at all aspects of this online information game.

Let Us Tell Google Your Story

We will never have to update this headline, because it’s always going to be true. Google enhances its search algorithm more than 500 times a year, so SEO best practices literally evolve daily. A site that was optimized full-sail a year ago, today is taking on water—some are outright sunk. It takes a team like ours to stay on top of these developments.

Our Approach to SEO

The IT4LA team is chest-deep, day and night, in the world of SEO. We keep our clients one step ahead of the competition, and in-step with Google and Bing. Our SEO team synchronizes all aspects of your site, your keywords and competition, and present a rock-solid plan to ensure your site is perfectly aligned with both your clients and the search engines.

IT4LA VAR & MSP Marketing Services


On-Page Optimization

On-Page SEO refers to all the techniques that can be done to your website to help increase its search rank. These methods include enhancing page titles, meta descriptions, meta tags, url structure, body tags, keyword density, image SEO and internal linking. Any one of these used independently of the others won’t make much difference to your site ranking. However, when IT4LA uses them together, they launch your site closer to the top.

Social Media

IT4LA’s social media marketing services for IT companies puts your business into a natural two-way conversation between you and your clients. Our services are designed to show you where people are talking about you, the areas where you can best get involved, and the tactics you should use to help increase brand awareness. We will take advantage of the social web and successfully drive visitors to your site.


Google AdWords

Why settle for high costs and low conversion rates when IT4LA’s team of Certified Google AdWords professionals eliminate wasteful spending and drive more high-quality traffic to your site. Our customized approach and focus on building your brand and producing real results for you will increase site traffic, deliver more targeted traffic, reduce costs and raise returns. We will master all your campaign creation from scratch, restructure existing campaigns, and manage campaigns for maximum returns.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay-per-click IT online marketing from IT4LA is a way of using search engine advertising to generate clicks to your website, rather than organically earning clicks. You know those sponsored ads you often see at the top of Google’s search results page marked with a yellow label? That’s pay-per-click advertising. Your PPC campaign creation and campaign management will be well-designed and smoothly executed, making it a good marketing device for searchers, search engines and especially your business. The better your ads, the greater your click-through rates to your site and the lower your costs.

Content Development

Producing content that engages prospects and clients is the biggest content marketing challenge MSPs and VARs face today. IT4LA understands the time commitment and resources needed to create valuable content assets for your team. The good news is that our experienced content creators are here to take care of the development for you. We specialize in helping your business show-off your expertise, educate your audience, and tell your story through exceptional content. All of the content development services we provide are tied back to your specific business goals. We don’t create “one-size-fits-all” content. It’s specific, it’s purposeful, and it delivers results. Our content development services include:

  • Lead Generating Campaigns
  • Nurturing Email Campaigns
  • SEO Website Content
  • Press Releases
  • Success Stories and Case Studies
  • E-Newsletter Campaigns

Local Search Optimization

Local search optimization is hot. Where once web users wanted global information, increasingly, they now want more personal results that get them right where they live. That’s why it’s no longer a question of whether to optimize your IT services website for local search, but how soon you can do it. The way IT4LA gets you noticed in the neighborhood is by putting to great use:

  • Local Search Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Internet and Online Marketing
  • Local Directories