Managed IT Services Los Angeles by IT4LA

If your business has less than 50 employees, it is likely that you have experienced stress, frustration and anxiety over IT issues. Managed IT Services from IT4LA resolves these problems.

IT4LA provides comprehensive IT and communication support for small and medium sized businesses. Specifically, we provide support for hardware, software, disaster recovery and cloud-related services.

IT Support Los Angeles:

managed it services los angeles Hardware: Today, a team is most effective when its members have access to each other and to all of the information they may need. This means that desktop and laptop computers, tablets and mobile phones must be kept secure, up-to-date and connected. Videoconferencing hardware allows team members who work in the office to interact and share with team members who are in the field. By maintaining and servicing this hardware, IT4LA enables businesses to be their best. (We support businesses by protecting, updating and maintaining their hardware, allowing them to simply do what they do best)

Software: While there is a great deal of software that a company normally uses, managing that software can be a real challenge. For this reason, IT4LA offers software and app management services to its clients. We minimize client expense by performing software maintenance, updates and troubleshooting on an as-needed basis. We improve client efficiency by ensuring that all software is running smoothly, and by sharing specific software knowledge with the client. (We manage software and web-based applications for our clients with a focus on efficiency, utility and budget)

Disaster recovery: Data center backup and recovery solutions prevent irreversible damage to a company’s records, digital assets and client information. IT4LA supports small to medium sized businesses by offering streamlined backup and recovery solutions. Through analysis, IT4LA eliminates redundancy and creates efficiency by reducing the quantity of data to be backed up while optimizing the data center environment. (We protect the most important information, and ensure that all data can be recovered)

Cloud: The cloud is an industry term for ‘off-site data hosting.’ What this means is that anyone on your team can save a file, and anyone on the team can retrieve it. The cloud allows a company to store and back up its data, and to share it, even when team members are away from the office. IT4LA provides cloud services for Microsoft Office 365 and iCloud. Using the cloud is essential for businesses that work from multiple locations, have mobile team members who use multiple devices, and support a collaborative culture.

#1 IT Consulting Los Angeles:


Collaboration is the act of working together to achieve shared goals. In business, that means that team members can spend their time creating and innovating together, whether they are in one location or scattered across the world.Cisco makes collaboration possible through the use of unified communication solutions. What this means is that team members can share ideas and documents while communicating in real time, while in disparate locations. The client has a technical question the salesperson can’t answer? The designer needs a quick decision on a texture? The decision maker wants the most recent survey information? Each of these concerns can be addressed instantly with Cisco collaboration tools. Connect with the right person, at the right time, and deliver efficiency and value for your clients every time.

There are many benefits of collaboration:

Innovation: Teams made from people inside and outside of the organization work together to create new ideas, and to solve challenging problems. Mobility and flexibility make a team better able to adapt to client needs. (Mobile and flexible teams are empowered to innovate)

Growth: Having the right collaboration tools allows you to get a better understanding of client needs, priorities and concerns. They allow you to respond quickly and efficiently in the way the client prefers. Ultimately, collaboration often stimulates both sales and growth. (The business with the right tools is best able to grow)

Familiarity: Rich video conferencing creates the kind of immediacy that occurs in face-to-face meetings. Collaboration using videoconferencing allows a business to develop deeper client relationships, and when collaboration is easy, people do it more often. This strengthens relationships, deepens familiarity with clients and drives profitability. (More face time with clients means better client relationships)

Cost reduction: Business travel can be costly. Limiting expensive trips is one way to save money. Another way to reduce communication costs is to converge all communication capabilities onto one network. One network requires less equipment and IT resources, is scalable, and allows for new features when they are needed. (Unified communications save a business time and money, and pave the way for future growth).