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Why I choose the best collaboration tools? Collaboration is the act of working together to achieve shared goals. In business, that means that team members can spend their time creating and innovating together, whether they are in one location or scattered across the world.

Cisco makes collaboration possible through the use of unified communication solutions. What this means is that team members can share ideas and documents while communicating in real time, while in disparate locations. The client has a technical question the salesperson can’t answer? The designer needs a quick decision on a texture? The decision maker wants the most recent survey information? Each of these concerns can be addressed instantly with Cisco collaboration tools. Connect with the right person, at the right time, and deliver efficiency and value for your clients every time.


Why Collaboration Tools? There are many benefits of collaboration.

Innovation: Teams made from people inside and outside of the organization work together to create new ideas, and to solve challenging problems.  Mobility and flexibility make a team better able to adapt to client needs. (Mobile and flexible teams are empowered to innovate)

Growth: Having the right collaboration tools allows you to get a better understanding of client needs, priorities and concerns. They allow you to respond quickly and efficiently in the way the client prefers. Ultimately, collaboration often stimulates both sales and growth. (The business with the right tools is best able to grow)

Familiarity: Rich video conferencing creates the kind of immediacy that occurs in face-to-face meetings. Collaboration using videoconferencing allows a business to develop deeper client relationships, and when collaboration is easy, people do it more often. This strengthens relationships, deepens familiarity with clients and drives profitability. (More face time with clients means better client relationships)

Cost reduction: Business travel can be costly. Limiting expensive trips is one way to save money. Another way to reduce communication costs is to converge all communication capabilities onto one network. One network requires less equipment and IT resources, is scalable, and allows for new features when they are needed. (Unified communications save a business time and money, and pave the way for future growth)

Powerful Results Through Online Collaboration Tools

Just a few years ago, collaboration tools that offered unified communications and provided capabilities for instant online meetings, sharing ideas and team collaboration regardless of participants present locations, was considered a convenience. In 2015, these capabilities are crucial for the success of small and medium size businesses. Powerful collaboration software can give your company an edge over your competition and help you keep pace with the increasing demands of current and potential customers. In a business environment with growing global competition, continued pricing pressure and steadily rising operating costs, it is vital for businesses to maximize efficiency and increase productivity.

Collaboration Software Tools That Provide Dynamic Results

We offer a full range of collaboration tools completely customized to fit your individual organization and specific needs. Our priority is delivering cost effective solutions that help you reduce costs, maximize productivity and grow your business. Our line of innovative Cisco products offer flexible applications that integrate multiple communication capabilities into a single, easy to use platform with amazing expanded functionality. Consolidating your business communications infrastructure merges your voice, data and video functions into a single platform on one network. While offering greater efficiency and reducing management requirements, it also offers powerful capabilities with expanded web conferencing, the ability to support employees in multiple locations and real-time interaction, along with the sharing of data across multiple locations.

Experience the IT4LA Difference with Web Collaboration Tools

  • Streamline office operations and reduce management requirements
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Take advantage of powerful tools such as Cisco WebEx and Cisco Jabber
  • Expanded video conferencing & web conferencing
  • Increase productivity and improve long distance client relationships
  • Collaborate across multiple locations in real time
  • Instantly share data and bring off-site employees together in a single space
  • Collaboration software tools that maximizes operating efficiency

We understand the challenges that small and medium size businesses face in the current business climate. We offer solutions that deliver real results you can see in your everyday operations and we only offer solutions that make sense for your individual business. Contact us today to learn about our collaboration software solutions and how we can help take your business to the next level.

Collaboration Tools Solutions

Unified Communications with Cisco Products

Cisco BE6000 VOIP Streamline your processes and experience collaboration without limitations with Cisco’s dynamic Business Edition 6000. BE6000 is an integrated platform of collaboration tools packaged with small and medium size businesses in mind. The package includes a complete solution for voice, telepresence, instant messaging and video with a long list of capabilities. It is a flexible collaboration tool that is scalable to the current size of your business while still allowing for expansion and future growth.

  • Open architecture and third party application friendly
  • Provides enterprise-level communications security
  • Connects off-site employees and facilitates real-time collaboration
  • Provides and easy to manage all-in-one communications platform
  • A dynamic collaboration tool that improves productivity and reduces cost
  • Innovative and intuitive design

Cisco Jabber With Cisco Jabber, you get total access on any device, from any location to telepresence, instant messaging, video conferencing, voice and complete collaboration support. Capture powerful capabilities and complete mobility with Cisco Jabber. Cisco Unity Connection Unity offers a secure and reliable solution providing complete access to messaging and voicemail from any location and device. It is scalable to your individual business and flexible enough to grow with your organization. Cisco WebEx Meetings Cisco WebEx provides an innovative business solution that allows you to meet, share and collaborate with anyone in any location. Share data, screens and desktops with flexible capabilities that improve team productivity. Cisco Telepresence We have a full line of Cisco collaboration tools and telepresence solutions, allowing you to conduct business from anywhere with anyone. Our solutions are flexible and fully customized to fit your exact needs and requirements.

  • Complete mobility
  • Maximum productivity
  • Reduce management and infrastructure needs
  • Scalable and grows with your business
  • Completely customized to your organization